Billy Blanks

Billy Blanks is the creator of Tae Bo® Fitness, the revolutionary total body fitness system that has helped millions of people around the world get in shape and feel great! Aside from Tae Bo® Fitness, Blanks has devoted a great deal of his life toward helping others while traveling around the world to train groups, such as the U.S. Armed forces in Iraq, Bosnia, Kosovo, Sarajevo, Greece, Africa, Germany and Italy. Moreover, Billy continues to earn acclaim through his extraordinary achievements as a world Karate Champion, actor, author, motivator, philanthropist and humanitarian. 

Now, for the first time in 20 years, the Tae Bo® guru is unleashing his latest exercise series to the public and the world called Billy’s BoomBoxing™ Curriculum and Workout. The program consists of 8 basic Martial Arts moves combined with upper body boxing Kata Techniques. BoomBoxing is a high intensity workout, combining cardio-kickboxing, boxing, mixed martial arts, and uses bags and hand pads for striking. Specifically, designed music puts the boom in BoomBoxing. 

Presently, Billy Blanks is the celebrity co-host of Celebrity Sweat TV, which is a celebrity based health and wellness TV series on Amazon Prime Video, iTunes, COX TV and Discovery Network. It brings athletes and celebrities together through programming and live events in order to inspire, educate and motivate people to live active and healthy lives. This summer, The Celebrity Sweat Wellness Tour will be launching in major cities across the U.S. showcasing Billy’s fitness workouts in conjunction with Zumba. The tour will feature vendors with healthy snacks, food and hydration. The purpose of the Wellness Tour is to showcase the best way to live healthy lifestyle and a healthy life. Billy's Celebrity Sweat Wellness Tours will show people how they can change their lives for the better by providing the tools that will guide them towards healthy choice decisions. The fitness, food and fun Wellness Tours are definitely the summer's path to good health and happiness. Wellness Tour events will support the T.J. Martell Foundation for Breast and Ovarian Cancer Research.

The Wellness Tour dates are as follows:

  • Chicago on July 27th

  • San Francisco on August 25th

  • Nashville on September28th

  • Mall Of America on October 19th

October 26th marks the Wellness Tour coming to LA in collaboration with Mayor Garcetti’s office and the Midnight Mission to provide a path to self-sufficiency for the homeless of LA. Celebrity Sweat has pledged to provide up to 15,000 meals to the homeless of Los Angeles through the efforts of the LA Wellness Tour. 

Billy’s rise to success seems all-the-more astonishing when seen through the prism of his childhood. Born the 4th of 15 children to Isaac and Maybeline Blanks, he had few opportunities on the streets of Erie, Pennsylvania. His young life was complicated by undiagnosed Dyslexia and he was also suffering from severe issues in his hips. His hip problems impaired his movement, which resulted in a clumsiness that his coaches believed he would not be able to overcome. Against all odds, Billy took his first Martial Arts class at age 11 and soon began to gain a mastery of the sport. 

Blanks became the first Amateur Athletic Union Champion in 1975, a title he would go on to earn five times. Billy ascended to become an eighth-degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do and gained Black Belts in five other forms of Martial Arts, eventually becoming a Grand Master, but he didn’t stop there. He became a seven-time world Karate Champion, Captained the U.S. Karate Team, won 36 Gold Medals in international competitions and earned admission to the Karate Hall of Fame in 1982. Not only did he grow to achieve his goals as a Martial Artist, but he went on to train in Boxing and became the 1984 Massachusetts Golden Gloves Champion and the Tri-State Golden Gloves Champion of Champions.

Blanks and his family moved to Boston where he opened his first Karate studio, ultimately making the move to Los Angeles in 1989. Billy continued teaching Tae Bo® Fitness Classes from his home garage until opening the Billy Blanks World Training Center in Sherman Oaks, Ca. Word of mouth spread quickly and when singer-dancer Paula Abdul came through the door the benefits of Tae Bo® Fitness became the talk of the town. Actors Charlotte Ross, Melissa Reeves, Alicia Coppola, actor and country star Scott Reeves, Lou Diamond Phillips, Trista and Ryan Sutter are a few of the many who have reaped the benefits of Tae Bo® Fitness and Billy’s Bootcamp™. Countless other celebrities became believers as well, including Pamela Anderson, Justine Bateman, Catherine Bell, Valerie Bertinelli, Neve Campbell, Rae Dawn Chong, Rebecca De Mornay, Farrah Fawcett, Vivica Fox, Goldie Hawn, Queen Latifah, Emmanuel Lewis, Ryan O’Neal, Lisa Rinna, Lela Rochon, Jack Scalia, Connie Sellica, Brooke Shields, Sinbad and Shannon Tweed. Then, athletes such as the former Philadelphia Eagles star Randal Cunningham, Wayne Gretzky, Magic Johnson and Shaquille O’Neal, all flocked to Tae Bo® Fitness because the workout allowed them to stay in top physical shape. 

Concurrent with his rise as a fitness expert and personal trainer to the stars, Billy has also built an impressive resume as an actor. He has appeared in many movies, some of which include Jack and Jill, Kiss the Girls, The Last Boy Scout, and Lionheart. 

Billy Blanks has been around for three decades. Inspiring men, women, and children to bring fitness into their lives.  He is more motivated than ever before to make a healthy difference in people’s lives.