Nia Peeples


“How old are you?” is the first question Nia asks when someone requests an autograph. Why? Because then she can better ascertain which TV show, film, or album they might know her from due to the decade it was released. If they’re teens or 20’s: the ABC Family smash hit, Pretty Little Liars. In their 30’s? #1 CBS primetime series, Walker Texas Ranger or #1 daytime series, Young and the Restless. Over 40? The international mega hit series Fame, MTV, The Part Machine with Nia Peeples, or perhaps one of her hit records, Trouble or Street Of Dreams. Or if they’re anywhere between the ages 10 and 60, they might remember her as Kiani from the surf cult classic movie, North Shore. Any way you slice it, Nia has become a part of TV culture and Americana.

Her records earned numerous Billboard and Cashbox awards and nominations including Best Vocals, Best New Artist, Best R&B and Best Video Choreography. She has been nominated for an NAACP Image award and an International Stunt award for her performance in Paramount’s, “Half Past Dead.” And Nia was featured in People Magazine’s hugely popular 100 Most Beautiful People in the World special edition…at age 47.

Now, at age 51, Nia is focused on giving back. She’s a spokes person for The American Heart Association, and is developing their Go Red For Women campaign, helping empower women to live their best lives through health and wellness.
She’s a regular contributor to the online eco conscious magazine CocoEcoMag.com and was recently featured on the cover. Full storyhttp://tinyurl.com/kuwylx8

Nia is also an ambassador for Mending Kids International, on the board of World as One, and in 2005 was part of a grass roots organization called SRO, Surf Zone Relief Organization for which she spent a month on the Indian Ocean delivering viable breeding stock, well digging kits, and medical and school supplies to villages off the west coast of Sumatra, hardest hit by the devastating earthquake and tsunami that killed over 250,000 people in south east Asia.
Nia has also created a website dedicated to empowering women around the world by inspiring them into a faith in their authentic beauty. http://www.NiasElementsOfLife.com

And is the spokesperson for an organic skin care line,

Now Nia is focused on bringing women of all ages a more holistic approach to beauty through her series:

“More Than Skin Deep” 
The New Philosophy of Beauty

“More Than Skin Deep” is a series of Online Hangouts designed with the specific purpose of providing women of all ages the tools they need to express their truest beauty, inside and out. Combining equal elements of health, beauty, fitness and philosophy, Nia will provide a very personal, interactive experience for her audience, revealing what up until now has been the secret to maintaining an authentic beauty that she insists, “…is more than skin deep.” The online hangouts will also feature many of Nia’s celebrity friends and experts. Together they’ll share personal tips and take questions and comments from her fans and viewers in ‘real time.’

“My teenage daughter and her friends watch me play mom to a “beautiful, perfect” teenage daughter on a TV show filled with nothing but “beautiful” teens. The girls watch these shows, then struggle with self esteem. And so it begins. It’s time we take a holistic approach to beauty, one that takes into account our desire to know what works on the outside and our need to have it together on the inside. We need a philosophy of beauty that keeps us in our prime so year after year we’re the most beautiful we can be, and on a deeper level the most beautiful we’ve ever been. THAT”S what ‘More Than Skin Deep’ is all about.” ~Nia Peepleshttp://tinyurl.com/kk92zhq

What do you call a pop star who spends three weeks aboard a primitive Indonesian pinisi schooner performing essential relief work in remote Sumatra? Or fundraises and sponsors a school in Bali for the International Humanity Foundation, aiding their work in combating child trafficking? How do you describe an actress who when she’s not working or on the red carpet can be found surfing epic south swells in deepest Baja, camping in the desert along the sea. Or who is as comfortable choreographing her nine year-old’s school play as she is addressing the American Heart Association’s annual convention as a keynote speaker? How to define this remarkable actress/ director/ writer/ singer/ songwriter/ dancer/ martial artist/ motivational speaker/ humanitarian/ athlete/ adventurer/ mother/ wife? Simple: a woman in full.

And exactly the sort of role model for a new generation of women who, like Nia, desire to look, feel and live their best.